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Introducing the ALTI-ESS ADVANTAGE from Altairnano

ALTI-ESS ADVANTAGE is a 2.0 megawatt system designed for fast-response applications demanding high power, from grid stability to renewables integration to frequency regulation.

Showcasing Altairnano’s lithium-titanate battery chemistry and boasting three times the power of its predecessor, ALTI-ESS ADVANTAGE outperforms other energy storage solutions in every critical measurement.

Combined with best practices architecture and a high-resolution battery management system (BMS), accurate state-of-charge measurement, system diagnostics, cell-level voltage and module temperature measurements and alarms round out an energy storage solution that can help your project perform more economically and more efficiently.

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The scalable, high-power ADVANTAGE system packs more power while reducing the overall footprint of the energy storage solution. More importantly, the ALTI-ESS ADVANTAGE reduces the delivered cost per kilowatt, ultimately providing the lowest cost of ownership, along with improved grid stability and additional generation capacity.

The ADVANTAGE design leverages cell chemistry to operate at greater than 6C discharge/charge rates. In addition, the modular architecture allows for fast installation and provides the flexibility to relocate or reconfigure systems as necessary.

Its predecessor, the ALTI-ESS, has more than two years of success in commercial operation providing frequency regulation in the United States, while demonstrating excellent reliability and uptime. Measurements taken at the time of installation, end of year one and end of year two validated that the battery performance is consistent with the expected life of more than 20 years in this duty cycle.

AC Voltage 480 VAC.
Power Rating 2.0 MW
Energy Content 397 kWh
Response Time + 2MW to – 2MW < 100 milliseconds
Operating Temperature Factory designed standard range -10°C to 50°C Extended range available to -40°C and 55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C and 55°C
Elevation Requirements Up to 5,000 ft. above sea level
Standard Configuration Frequency 60 Hz Nominal
  50 Hz Capable, Including Auxiliary Loads
Voltage Operating Range As defined by ANSI C84.1 and IEEE 1547
Total Roundtrip Efficiency 75%
ADVANTAGE is a perfect fit for applications with a need for high power and relatively low energy requirements. Our solution helps overcome modern electric grid stability challenges:

  • Frequency regulation
  • Solar energy integration
  • Wind energy integration

ADVANTAGE almost instantaneously responds to the utility signal to either absorb energy from the electric grid or supply energy, in order to minimize frequency variations as the demand for electricity changes.

ALTI-ESS ADVANTAGE Power Versus Time Curve

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