Altairnano is the first company to replace traditional graphite materials used in conventional lithium-ion batteries with a proprietary, nanostructured lithium-titanate.

Establishing a research program in 2000 to develop lithium-ion cell technology for power-dependent applications, Altairnano set about to solve the limitations associated with conventional lithium-ion technologies, including cycle and calendar life, safety, recharge time, power delivery and ability to operate in extreme temperatures.

Altairnano’s research into the electrochemistry of battery materials discovered that nanostructured lithium-titanate, when used to replace graphite in conventional lithium-ion batteries, results in distinctive performance attributes required by power-dependent energy storage applications.

This fundamental breakthrough in battery technology was announced by Altairnano in February 2005 and has since been used as the core technology in the development of the company’s advanced energy storage and battery systems.